Mimikri After Effects Plugin

This plugin allows you to upconvert a color correction made in standard definition to high definition. It is easy to setup and rather fast. It is an After Effects filter which uses three inputs: HD uncorrected, SD uncorrected and corrected and outputs a corrected HD image.


The Mimikri After Effects plugin works with Adobe After Effects 5.5 for Macintosh OS X.

Download of the Demo Plugin

mimikriafx.sit.hqx (420 KB)


Uncompress the downloaded file and drag the plugin Mimikri to the plugin folder of After Effects.
(The path will normally be: /Applications/Adobe After Effects® 5.5/Plug_ins/)


You will need to acquire a license at Belle Nuit Montage to use the plugin. Apply the effect in After Effects, go the timeline and click on the "Options" link of the Mimikri Settings. A dialog box gives you an ordering code. Note down the ordering code and go to the Kagi website (http://order.kagi.com/?ZSI) to purchase a Mimikri license.
A Mimikri license costs USD 600 and is limited to one copy of After Effects. You can buy additional licenses for USD 300.
Once you registered, a special Mimikri plugin working with your After Effects copy will be sent to you. Make a backup of this copy. You may need it when you reinstall After Effects.
Note: Due to an open copyright issue, Mimikri may not yet be licensed to users in the United States of America. Contact matti@belle-nuit.com for more information about availability.



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Belle Nuit Montage / Matthias Bürcher November 2002. All rights reserved. Written in Switzerland.

The demo image on is a still from the first swiss feature film shot in HD Little Girl Blue (director: Anna Luif, director of photography: Eeva Fleig) and courtesy of Dschoint Ventschr.